About MyMoneyMonitor

People who receive a letter from MyMoneyMonitor saying the company has found property that belongs to them and wants to help return the funds, may tend to suspect a joke or a scam. But they should think again. As a licensed and government-regulated recovery service, MyMoneyMonitor constantly searches for unclaimed property across the U.S., and the company frequently locates such money. Unclaimed property may result when people forget to cash a check or lose one, or move to a new home, sometimes in another state, without resolving property tied up in legal or regulatory action. Sometimes, if a person passes without a will, authorities have a difficult time identifying the estate’s heir. The specialists at MyMoneyMonitor perform the job that many government agencies lack the time and energy to do: reunite unclaimed funds and property with their rightful owners. MyMoneyMonitor sends out notification letters that indicate the firm may have identified money or property belonging to the addressee. The recipient of the letter may choose to designate MyMoneyMonitor as his or her representative in the effort to recover the money. The firm requires no initial payments. MyMoneyMonitor does not assess any fees until the rightful owner receives a check. To authorize MyMoneyMonitor to recover unclaimed property on one’s behalf, an individual must provide suitable proof of identity. When MyMoneyMonitor’s team has these documents in hand, the firm begins the process of recovering the property. The company assumes recovery costs until the client receives a check, which usually takes 30 to 90 days. For its efforts, MyMoneyMonitor assesses a percentage of the value of the returned property. For more than a decade, MyMoneyMonitor has tracked down and returned unclaimed property on behalf of more than 300,000 American residents. For further information, potential clients may visit the website at http://mymoneymonitor.com or call MyMoneyMonitor at 888-508-4748. Individuals may also send e-mails to questions@mymoneymonitor.com. The firm has representatives who speak Spanish, which benefits Hispanic residents.